• Dr. Stephan Stuhlmann

    Degree in Business Administration
    Sales & Contract Management

    "Insiders encourages each employee in their entreprenurial thinking.
    In such an open corporate culture with very flat hierarchies, mutual
    dialog is not only desired but also an important basis for success."

  • Michael Ehresmann

    Degree in Engineering
    Consulting/Customer Service

    "Working in a team and the associated commitment of the staff to our goals is internalized at Insiders and can be seen in all areas. From the very first day, each employee faces the challenge of taking on responsibility for their own work results and they grow with this responsibility."

  • Florian Morr

    Degree in Computer Sciences
    Product Development

    "The challenge of working with a forward-looking approach and at the highest technical level brought me to Insiders. Working together in a team to develop intelligent software solutions with and for our customers – here I can help to shape the future."

  • Himanshu Saxena

    M.Sc. Software Engineering

    "I am proud to be a part of such an internationally active IT company.
    My most important experience was working in various departments.
    In this way, I am always working in new and challenging projects and
    I can continue my personal development."

  • Astrid Ebbert

    Student of Media Management and Communication DHBW
    Sales and Contract Management

    "My dual studies at Insiders have been a positive experience for me in every way. From the very beginning, I was given the opportunity to work together with others on challenging projects. My colleagues support me and give me enough responsibility to complete my tasks."


Our staff make a key contribution to the quality and innovativeness of our products. Their creativity, motivation and commitment to performance facilitate first class technological achievements and the best customer solutions.

We value and encourage diversity. Our corporate culture is shaped by various types of people, different nationalities and different professional experiences. All of our staff members have comprehensive, specialist know-how of industries, processes and methods including social and inter-cultural skills and a customer-oriented approach in all areas. This provides new daily stimuli and therefore improves our long-term performance and ensures our company's successful development.

Our dynamic team

In our team excellent education in a wide variety of areas and long-time professional experience are combined. Young professionals benefit from the expertise of experienced colleagues and, for their part, inject valuable new insights. In this way, the ideas of each Insiders employee make an impact.

We promote new ideas by allowing our staff plenty of room for development. This enables our employees to tap into and utilize their personal creativity and their own individual potential to the best possible effect. Working together with a variety of personalities allows ideal solutions to develop - which the company and the customers all benefit from.