The success story of Insiders begins as a spin-off from the DFKI (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence). The close links with the research industry was and still is an important foundation for the constantly innovative portfolio. Today, Insiders has established itself as a successful product provider and as a market leader and leading technology company in the area of input management.

Our constantly growing customer base is evidence of our successful path – more than 1200 companies from virtually all industries now put their trust in our products and solutions. Numerous renowned national and international awards and recognized benchmarks are testament to our top performance.

Growth in numbers

  • Growth in customer numbers
  • Growth in staff numbers
  • Growth in sales

Growth in customer numbers

Since its foundation, Insiders Technologies has recorded continual growth in terms of customer numbers. Today, more than 1000 international customers put their trust in us.


* estimated for December

Growth in staff numbers

We strengthen our team in accordance with the growing challenges and offer outstanding prospects. From trainees to employees with many years of professional experience, we now have more than 120 people working for us.

* estimated for December

Growth in sales

Sales are not the only measure of success but the continually increasing sales figures are testament to our ongoing organic growth.

* estimated for December



  • The core technology smartFIX is launched and presented to a wider public at the CeBIT  for the first time.
  • Insiders acquires its the first project order from R+V Versicherung in Wiesbaden.


  • Insiders wins the test set by the Association for Innovative Market Research (GIM GmbH). On behalf of the German Association of Private Health Insurance Companies, GIM set out to find an IT provider who could make processing of medical service documents more efficient.
  • R+V Versicherung in Wiesbaden is the first customer to use the software in a live system and process its incoming mail using Insiders products.


  • Together with a consortium of private health insurance companies, Insiders develops the new, standard smartFIX PKV product for capturing medical service documents. AXA, Barmenia, DBV and Hallesche are members of the consortium.
  • More orders, from the insurance industry in particular, increase the customer base.


  • 2001 is the year of the market launch of the smartFIX PKV and smartFIX BKK products, developed especially for the healthcare industry. Both standard products are specially designed to meet the requirements specific to the industry.
  • With an installation at Helsana, Insiders works with its first customer in Switzerland.


  • smartFIX INVOICE – the standard product for processing invoices is launched.
  • Insiders taps into more markets, in particular into the trade and banking sectors.


  • Insiders is recognized as a technological leader in the area of invoice processing in the "Automated Incoming Invoice Processing" study by interim2000.
  • More companies from insurance, trade and industry choose Insiders solutions, e.g. Roland Rechtsschutz, WWK, Globus and Hella.


  • Insiders taps into more and more European markets and diversifies its industry solutions even more, e.g. for the energy supply industry.
  • More insurance companies become customers, e.g. DEVK and HUK-Coburg.


  • Insiders has now become a successful product provider.
  • The continuous growth continues – Insiders welcomes its 100th customer. Customers include renowned companies such as BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, EDEKA and Printus.


  • Insiders is the clear winner of the benchmark study on incoming mail processing, performed by Pentadoc AG.
  • The standard smartFIX ORDER product for the automated processing of purchase orders is added to the range.


  • The first Insiders Partner Day is held in Kaiserslautern. Sales and research partners discuss topics in connection with the future of input management. A visit to the studio of the famous artist Dietmar Brixy from Mannheim completes the event.
  • HUK-Coburg is the next health insurance company to join the consortium of those using smartFIX PKV.
  • Insiders is presented with the "Deloitte Technology Fast 50" award. With this award, Deloitte pays tribute to the fastest growing technology companies in Germany for their top performances.
  • Insiders reaches the final round of the "Award for Medium-Sized Companies". The most important German prize for medium-sized companies is awarded to companies who act as role models due to their ability to cope with the challenges of the future.
  • Insiders is presented with the "Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA" award. With this award, Deloitte pays tribute to the fastest growing technology companies in the EMEA economic area for their top performances.


  • Insiders products are given SAP certification. Extracted document data can be transferred to customers' SAP systems and processed via standard interfaces.
  • More and more companies from all sectors put their trust in solutions from Insiders - more than 200 companies are now established customers. For example, Basler Versicherungen and MAN have become Insiders customers.
  • Insiders is an award winner of the Medium-Sized Businesses Program. Based on the motto "Success due to innovation in medium-sized companies", the aim of this prize is to improve the competitiveness of medium-sized companies by introducing innovations.


  • Insiders is presented with the "Award for Medium-Sized Companies". The most important German prize for medium-sized companies is awarded to companies who act as role models due to their ability to cope with the challenges of the future.
  • More and more internationally operating companies put their trust in Insiders in Europe and throughout the world, and process documents using Insiders solutions in shared service centers in Europe, North and Central America and Asia.
  • The standard INVOICE Pilot for SAP product completes the range. Customers implement consistent and efficient invoice processing in SAP using an invoice ledger, invoice workflow and Business Intelligence.
"Award for Medium-Sized Companies" award ceremony


  • Insiders is amongst the winners from the largest software cluster in Europe. Federal Minister Annette Schavan recognizes the "Software Innovations for the Digital Enterprise" cluster that is viewed as the "Silicon Valley of Europe". The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) promotes and recognizes the innovative strength, the large amount of development potential and the creative dedication.
  • Insiders opens the "Knowledge Creates Jobs" program of events organized by the city of Kaiserslautern. Companies that have shown particularly outstanding development and that act as flagships are presented. The well-known presenter Claudia Kleinert hosts the event.
  • Insiders holds the "Input Management Insurance Industry" user forum for the first time. At Hambach castle, numerous representatives of renowned insurance companies discuss challenges, solutions and future prospects in connection with input management in the insurance sector. 
  • Insiders welcomes Reinhold Messner to the 4th Insiders Partner Day in Kaiserslautern. Based on the motto "Moving mountains together", parallels between entrepreneurial activities and extreme mountain climbing are drawn and discussed together. More and more companies from trade and industry put their trust in the purchase order and invoice processing solutions from Insiders.
  • More and more companies from the trade and industry sectors place their trust in Insiders' solutions for order and invoice processing.
Event to launch "Knowledge Creates Jobs", organized by the city of Kaiserslautern
Insiders welcomes Reinhold Messner to the Partner Day


  • The mailroom of Talanx Service AG, which uses Insiders' solutions, is recognized as the "Mailroom of the Year 2012" by Kodak and Pitney Bowes at the CeBIT 2011.
  • Together with the largest software cluster in Europe, Insiders wins the "365 Places in the Land of Ideas" competition. The competition, under the patronage of former Federal President Christian Wulff, recognizes places where Germany's future is shaped with courage, dedication and creativity.
  • The first Insiders customers process Asian fonts. Chinese, Japanese and Korean documents are extracted.
  • Insiders' CEO Werner Weiss is recognized as a finalist at the "Entrepreneur of the Year 2011" award for the continuous development and outstanding innovative strength of the company and his personal dedication. With the most highly-respected German entrepreneurs' prize, Ernst & Young recognizes the best entrepreneurs from medium-sized companies in Germany.
"Entrepreneur of the Year" award ceremony


  • Insiders further expands its international presence. Products and solutions for processing of incoming mail and invoices in the financial, insurance, trade and industrial sector are the main focus of the activities in the Middle East and in the growing market of India.
  • inco insurance 2012: Insiders hosts the conference for intelligent input management for insurance companies at the Steigenberger Grandhotel Petersberg in Königswinter near Bonn. Numerous representatives of renowned insurances use the opportunity for intense exchange of information and experiences surrounding the topic intelligent multi-channel management and business process optimization for their sector.
  • More and more renowned as well as globally active companies trust in intelligent products and solutions made in Kaiserslautern. Insiders welcomes its 400th customer.
  • Insiders strengthens the strategic partnership with the prestigious research institute Fraunhofer IESE. In the Joint Research & Development Lab (Joint R&D Lab) innovative products are developed, which expand Insiders’ market-oriented portfolio on the basis of state-of-the-art research.
inco insurance 2012 at the Steigenberger Grandhotel Petersberg
Foundation of the Joint Research & Development Lab (Joint R&D Lab)


  • The CEO of Insiders, Werner Weiss, is named as a finalist in the "Entrepreneur of the Year 2013" competition. Mr. Weiss receives the honor once again for the sustained development and outstanding innovativeness of the company and for his personal dedication. With Germany’s most important entrepreneurs' award, Ernst & Young recognizes the best entrepreneurs from medium-sized companies in Germany.
  • Representatives from the world of politics also show an interest in the highly-innovative software from Insiders. The Minister President of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, Malu Dreyer, and the Minister for the Department of Education and Science, Doris Ahnen, are impressed by the products developed together with the Fraunhofer IESE in the Joint R&D Lab.
  • The first issue of the insiders magazine is published. Focusing on “Research & Innovation”, the new company magazine presents a wide variety of interesting information about Insiders, such as new products, success stories or working at Insiders.
  • Insiders is expanding its presence in international markets. The intelligent software solutions are now used successfully by customers on all continents. Brazil and South Africa are two additional new countries. As a business representative in delegations from the fields of business and science from Kaiserslautern, CEO Werner Weiss takes part in and supports trips to the USA and India, and strengthens existing collaborations and partnerships.
"Entrepreneur of the Year" award ceremony
Insiders in debate with prime minister Dreyer


  • Simple, fast, mobile – Insiders presents smart CAPTURE, the new Insiders app for location-independent document scanning and capture with iOS and Android mobile end devices.  Customers are particularly impressed by the intelligent user guidance, automatic camera triggering and flexible use for all documents.
  • More and more customers put their trust in the intelligent products and solutions – now more than 800 companies from all industries. 
  • As the guest of honor and keynote speaker, Reinhold Messner inspires visitors to the inco insurance 2014. At the Steigenberger Grandhotel Petersberg in Königswinter near Bonn, the world-famous mountaineer and frontiersman impresses the Insiders customers from the insurance industry during his inspirational presentation, by drawing fascinating parallels between his expeditions and commercial challenges.
  • As the guest of honor and keynote speaker, Dr. Bertrand Piccard inspires visitors to the inco partner 2014. In the historic atmosphere of the Fruchthalle in Kaiserslautern, the world-famous scientist, adventurer and visionary inspires the numerous representatives of Insiders partners and customers with his presentation on the parallels between his projects, that cause a sensation across the globe, and the modern business world. 
  • TOP 100 Innovator: Insiders receives the award as one of the 100 most innovative German medium-sized companies. In Essen, CEO Werner Weiss accepts the highly-respected award on behalf of Insiders from Ranga Yogeshwar, TV host and mentor of the prize. The coveted TOP 100 seal of approval honors the sustainable innovation management, the efficient processes and the involvement of customers and external partners in the early stages of the development of innovative products
    smart CAPTURE app
    Reinhold Messner as the guest of honor at the inco insurance 2014
    Dr. Piccard with host Claudia Kleinert at the inco partner 2014


    • In 2015, Insiders Technologies won the “Innovator of the Year 2015” award in the “TOP 100” competition – as the most innovative German medium-sized company in the 50-250 employees category. The price was awarded by the “TOP 100” mentor, Ranga Yogeshwar, at the German medium-sized company summit in Essen.
    • As the keynote speaker, the prominent comedian, Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen gave a speech in front of selected Insiders Technologies customers and partner companies in the Fruchthalle in Kaiserslautern. In his presentation, von Hirschhausen covered medical content in a humorous way and explained the parallels with modern business life.
    • The third issue of the insiders magazine is released. With its focus "Spirit of Innovators", the magazine reports on different innovations in the field of the digital transformation as well as interesting news about Insiders. The special feature of this edition is the story of the visionary Dr. Bertrand Piccard and the first circumnavigate around the world in his “Solar Impulse”, an airplane powered solely by the sun.
      Werner Weiss and Ranga Yogeshwar at the “TOP 100” gala award.
      Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen with the host Claudia Kleinert und Insiders CEO Werner Weiss at the inco partner 2015 event.

      International companies from virtually all sectors trust in our expertise. Find out for yourself.


      As a software provider we not only set technological standards – our company has also won many awards for serving as a role model.