We take on

Success brings obligations. Give and take must always be balanced. We believe that seeing Insiders as a part of our society and our environment is a key element of our view of ourselves as a company.

Therefore we take on responsibility – far beyond our immediate horizon. We contribute to public welfare by donating our expertise and time, as well as money. We want to give something back to the community in which we live and offer perspectives.

Social aid

Insiders takes social aid seriously. As a high-tech company we want to take on socio-political responsibility, and not only in our "own backyard".

Art and culture

We design our working environment to ensure that it is varied and stimulating. An inspiring atmosphere is invigorating and constantly provides new stimuli and prospects for our daily work.

Kaiserslautern’s Course of Life "Lautrer Lebenslauf" is a charity run by the healthy for those affected by cancer. With its contribution, Insiders supports the local initiative "Mom/Dad has cancer.

In our premises, we exhibit the works of various renowned artists in order to open up new perspectives and give new stimulus.

Plan helps children in various countries around the world. We are proud to be able to make our contribution to this task.

Science & education

We feel we have a responsibility to the coming generations. All the parties involved benefit from our cooperation with educational institutions.


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Helping people to help themselves - the Senegal Aid Association promotes the independence of the people in Senegal. We would like to support this work.

In the Summer School, Insiders presents the basic principles of agile processes, methods and values on the basis of practice-oriented examples.

Children are our future – we would like to promote modern media education with early access to modern resources.