Partnership program

Partnerships and networks form an important basis for our success. The direct proximity to research institutions and close cooperation within research projects make a key contribution to continual enhancement of our technologies. Sales and implementation partnerships increase the value of our solutions for end customers and therefore increase our market and business potential.

Sharing experience, knowledge of each other's strengths and expertise as well as personal contact are the key elements of the success of partnerships. The aim of the Insiders partner network is to assist the commercial success of all the partners, to use expertise in a targeted way and to work together to create added value for customers.

The customers are always the main focus, as is pooling the strengths of several partners in the network, in line with the situation. Together, this cooperation allows us to offer our customers tailor-made, comprehensive solutions that clearly stand out from the competition. 

We are also happy to actively establish contacts within the network in order to be able to achieve added commercial value for all those involved. The Insiders community is growing fast. Each individual partner pays a particular role in the cooperation that has already proven itself in many customer situations.

Dr. Rainer Czech

Dr. Rainer Czech

Head of Channel Management

"Cooperation with partners is a central element and is firmly rooted in the business model of Insiders Technologies. Partnerships and networks are cultivated and fostered centrally. Adhering to partnership-related standards and processes is just as vital for cooperation as dependability, transparency and common aims. Living and working in networks creates significant added value and, ultimately, always provides ideal solutions for the market."

Our sales partners offer their customers a customized, tailor-made range. They add Insiders products to their own portfolio of solutions. Your customers could also benefit from this added value.

The transfer of knowledge from research partnerships is an important stimulus for our highly-innovative range of products and services.

Develop innovations and achieve aims together. Partnerships and networks form an important basis for our success. You too can become an Insiders partner.