Research partners

Research partnerships create innovative ideas and valuable solutions that are integrated into our product portfolio as modules. Close cooperation during product enhancement leads to the ideal utilization of mutual synergies and results in customer-oriented added value.

Insiders Technologies is the most successful spin-off from the DFKI

The cooperation with leading research institutes, such as the DFKI or the Fraunhofer Institutes, is fertile ground for our highly-innovative products. The transfer of knowledge from research partnerships can be traced back to the founding of Insiders Technologies and, to the present day, it makes a long-term and important contribution to our continuous technological development.

In return, our know-how in the field of developing artificial intelligence technologies into actual products, that has been built up over many years, makes a valuable contribution to current research work. The result is a broad technological basis that goes well beyond state-of-the-art solutions and has played a key role in establishing Insiders as a leading technology provider in the field of input management.

Our partners