Digital Mailroom suite

Company-wide processing of all documents, from integration of all input channels to central monitoring and controlling of all processes.

With the Digital Mailroom suite, you organize your company's entire document entry point, optimized for multi-channel document processing – from document receipt, classification and extraction of the content, through intelligent staging, to company-wide process monitoring and control.

With the products in the Digital Mailroom suite you process all documents from all the input channels via one central platform – irrespective of whether this involves mail on paper, faxes or electronic communication via e-mail or the internet. All the relevant document information for a wide variety of business transactions is captured efficiently and made available to other process stages.

Products in the Digital Mailroom suite

smart capture

The advantages of the Digital Mailroom suite

  • Intelligent multi-channel management – all channels, all documents, one platform
  • Processing of heterogeneous documents without presorting via mailboxes or manual distribution
  • Efficient processing, even of large document volumes
  • Subsystem capability for processing all documents in one system
  • Extensive process transparency due to detailed monitoring and reporting across various systems and departments
  • Process-wide, cross-system control via a central user interface
  • Automated identification of explicit and indirect expressions of dissatisfaction and complaints

Use of the Digital Mailroom suite is described with the following solution.

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