Forms suite

Automated processing of forms – capture all information from forms across all input channels and use it to optimize business processes.

Capturing information from incoming forms offers great potential for process automation. Using the standard products in the Forms suite, you ensure that all business-critical information on incoming forms is extracted and transferred to the following process. In this way, you create the basis for automated business transactions up to "background processing".

With the Forms suite, you process all forms and virtually all form versions automatically, irrespective of the input channel they are received through by your company. From paper forms to e-forms, from forms filled in by hand to barcodes – all the content is read and made available to downstream business processes. Alterations to or deletions from preprinted elements made by the person filling in the form can be identified and be taken into account in the relevant business process.

Products in the Forms suite

The advantages of the Forms suite

  • From automated triggering of business transactions up to "Shadow Processing"
  • Independent of input channel – from paper forms to e-forms
  • High degree of flexibility – processing of all forms and form types
  • High recognition rates for forms filled in by hand
  • Recognition of handwritten alterations
  • Barcode processing

The use of the Forms suite is described with the following solution.

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