Intelligent E-Mail suite

Automated processing of incoming e-mails for all business processes: simple – standardized – efficient.

The products in the Intelligent E-Mail suite simplify and standardize the processing of incoming e-mails by means of intelligent, process-oriented e-mail management. The staging of relevant information on incoming e-mails helps the user to ensure consistent communication with the sender, with correct content and structure. The opportunity to respond quickly and accurately to incoming e-mails in particular meets the expectations of the sender in connection with communication via e-mail.

Comprehensive monitoring and reporting offer transparency across all e-mail processing steps. The entire processing procedure can be intelligently monitored and controlled, from receipt of the mail, through its distribution and reply, to the completion of the business transaction. The system also ensures that archiving the business-relevant e-mail correspondence complies with the legal requirements.

Product in the Intelligent E-Mail suite

The advantages of the Intelligent E-Mail suite

  • Targeted processing of all e-mails with business letter characteristics
  • Multi-perspective assignment of e-mails to business processes
  • Automatic classification and forwarding (routing) of incoming e-mails on the basis of known expertise
  • Consistent and correct external communication
  • Automatic display of additional information from heterogeneous data sources
  • Reply assistance based on automatically extracted information
  • Standardized and, if required, customized e-mail replies – transparent and configurable confirmation of receipt (manual intervention possible)
  • Legally-compliant and audit-compliant archiving of incoming and outgoing e-mails
  • Process transparency due to detailed monitoring and reporting

Use of the Intelligent E-Mail suite is described with the following solution.

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