Medical Invoice suite

Processing medical service documents – efficient processes throughout the entire medical service area thanks to automated and process-oriented classification and extraction as well as intelligent checking methods.

The Medical Invoice suite offers standard products for the automated processing of medical service invoices. The different types of medical service documents with various origins contained in the reimbursement applications concerning medical services are identified and the specific document type is determined. For each document, the data relevant for the settlement of the particular document type is extracted fully and on a process-oriented basis.

Enhancement of the products is always aligned to the current market requirements thanks to close cooperation with the users. For example, the standard products already support the AMNOG-compliant processing of prescriptions and the connection to central data pools for processing barcode information from documents.

Products in the Medical Invoice suite

The advantages of the
Medical Invoice suite

  • Processing all the unsorted medical services mail
  • Automatic process consistency check (e.g. only prescriptions from one insurance policy holder)
  • Automatic classification into 65 standard classes
  • Extraction of the customer-specific data fields
  • Standard connections to central data pools for processing barcode data
  • Data consistency checking
  • AMNOG-compliant prescription processing

The use of the Medical Invoice suite is described with the following solution.

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