smart COCKPIT is our standard product for company-wide, cross-system monitoring and controlling of all incoming document-related business processes.

smart COCKPIT provides current and forecasted values for all company and process-critical key figures. Due to knowledge-based simulations, the product supports those users responsible for processes and human resources when making decisions. It facilitates direct intervention in systems and live processes via a central cockpit-oriented user interface.

smart COCKPIT makes it possible to present aggregate (management) evaluations (e.g. in the form of traffic light systems) as well as to do a root cause analysis for certain behavior in peak times that can be more detailed if required. This allows suitable action to be defined in order to prevent possible processing bottlenecks and backlogs from arising at an early stage and to actively control the load and the priorities.

The advantages of smart COCKPIT

  • Constant controlling of all processes and system components ("online reporting")
  • Cross-system and cross-department implementation of action from a central user interface
  • Identify possible problems and bottlenecks before they occur
  • Compare forecast effects of action alternatives
  • Customized KPIs, tailored to processes and business process targets

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