smart E-MAIL PILOT is our standard product for the conclusive processing of all incoming e-mails that have the character of business letters.

The entire processing workflow of incoming e-mails is controlled – smart E-MAIL PILOT monitors process-relevant mailboxes and ensures that the content of incoming e-mails and their attachments is classified and extracted in a context-related way. Suggested replies on the basis of prewritten text elements guarantee the fastest possible reply.

The entire process is supervised by means of intelligent monitoring and reporting. With the transfer to subsequent processing systems, legally-compliant archiving and incorporation into CRM systems and other existing systems is ensured.

The advantages of smart E-MAIL PILOT

  • Classification of and data extraction from e-mails incl. attachments
  • Easily adaptable confirmation of receipt
  • Easily adaptable suggestions
  • Comprehensive statistical evaluations and reports
  • Transparent monitoring
  • Easily adaptable processing workflow
  • Adaptable rules for forwarding, distribution and replies
  • Self-learning and self-optimizing knowledge base
  • Scalability as required for processing a high volume of e-mails

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Supplementary products to smart E-MAIL PILOT

Complaint Detection

Complaint Detection

Complaint Detection is our standard product for recognizing and dealing with all types of explicit or implicit complaints on incoming documents. Complaints received per e-mail in particular can be processed straight away and answered quickly.

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