smart FIX

smart FIX is our standard product for processing general and unstructured incoming mail.

Irrespective of the format and structure of the documents, smart FIX automatically determines the document type from any document at the beginning of the analysis. This classification is based on market-leading methods that feature cutting-edge technology and it ensures that the relevant information can be extracted from all the documents in a way that is ideal for the business process involved.

The quality of the data is validated by global optimization of all rules and mathematical relationships on the document. All the extracted information and the associated documents are then made available for further processing in the downstream business process according the requirements: completely, efficiently and with an assured level of quality.

The advantages of smart FIX

  • Knowledge-based classification and information extraction
  • Market-leading methods with cutting-edge technology
  • Self-learning and self-optimizing system
  • Self-adaptive, intuitive and visual administration and configuration support
  • Highly-ergonomic user interfaces
  • High data quality due to comprehensive plausibility checks
  • Multiple classification of documents
  • Ideal for processing large volumes of documents
  • Personalization of user interfaces and functionalities

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During analysis with smart FIX, a document passes through the following steps

  • Image preprocessing (scanned documents) using (rotation-tolerant) removal of preprinted elements and lines, reduction of noise, correction of rotated or upside-down images etc.
  • Classification for determining the document type on the basis of market-leading methods that feature cutting-edge technology (incl. document and process formation)
  • Flexible extraction of business process-relevant information (FIX = Flexible Information EXtraction)
  • Checking and correcting extracted fields via database matching, logical restrictions and mathematical restrictions
  • Highly-ergonomic postprocessing in various languages

Supplementary products to smart FIX

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Complaint Detection

Complaint Detection is our standard product for recognizing and dealing with all types of complaints on incoming documents. Hidden or indirect expressions of dissatisfaction are recognized as well as explicit complaints.

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