smart FORMS

smart FORMS is our standard product for processing forms.

smart FORMS automates the capture and processing of all incoming forms in the company, across all input channels such as paper, fax, e-mail and the internet. All the relevant information is automatically extracted from the forms and transferred to downstream business processes. Information from fields filled in by hand is recognized and processed just as reliably as that from barcodes.

smart FORMS offers a high degree of flexibility – all types and versions of forms are processed completely and correctly and new forms can be set up very easily. The product contains an ergonomic user interface that is optimized for efficient and high-performance form verification, even with large document volumes.

The advantages of smart FORMS

  • Automatic processing of all form types and versions
  • Easy set up of new form types and versions
  • Automated extraction and assignment of field values
  • Processing of multi-page and dynamic forms
  • High recognition rates for forms filled in by hand
  • Highly-ergonomic postprocessing in various languages
  • Processing of all barcode information

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Supplementary products to smart FORMS

Annotation Detection

Annotation Detection

Annotation Detection is our standard product for detecting handwritten additions and deletions on documents. It detects, for example, changes to general or contractual regulations as well as changes in the "unread area".

Reporter Pro

Reporter Pro

Reporter Pro is our standard product for process optimization of running systems. Reporter Pro facilitates comprehensive controlling with respect to document volumes, the document capture performance and therefore the ROI of the incoming document processing system. The information is displayed in the form of easy-to-understand and intuitive reports containing graphics.

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