smart INVOICE is our standard product for processing all incoming invoices.

Fast and correct capturing of incoming invoices is a key requirement for efficient and cost-saving invoice processing. Our universal invoice reader automatically processes unsorted invoices and credit notes that are mixed in any way, without the need for system modifications or prior training.

smart INVOICE extracts header and footer data from the invoices, as well as item data from tables of any size. The relevant document data is checked and then transferred to downstream ERP or workflow systems in an audit-compliant way.

The advantages of smart INVOICE

  • Universal invoice reader – creditor-specific maintenance no required
  • Extraction of all invoice contents, incl. tables and a wide variety of additional information
  • Processing of all invoices and credit notes
  • Processing of international invoices
  • Checks concerning compliance requirements
  • Automatic recognition of payment terms
  • Processing of partial and collective invoices
  • Processing of invoices with and without order correlation
  • Processing of invoices with and without goods receipt
  • Highly-ergonomic postprocessing in various languages
  • Autonomous system optimization during live operation (self-learning system)
  • Processing of ZUGFeRD invoices

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Supplementary products to smart INVOICE

Reporter INVOICE

Reporter INVOICE

Reporter INVOICE is our standard product for process optimization of running systems. Reporter INVOICE facilitates comprehensive controlling with respect to document volumes, the document capture performance and therefore the ROI of the incoming invoice processing system. The information is displayed in the form of easy-to-understand and intuitive reports containing graphics.

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