smart ORDER PILOT is our standard product for checking, processing, monitoring and controlling all incoming purchase orders.

smart ORDER PILOT contains an incoming purchase order ledger and a component for automatic monitoring and controlling of the purchase order process. The incoming purchase order ledger ensures comprehensive transparency and provides an overview of all open incoming purchase orders.

The workflow component of the smart ORDER PILOT purposefully and reliably guides the user through all the important and necessary processing and checking steps up to goods delivery and invoicing. Ergonomic user interfaces, ideally aligned to the roles involved in purchase order processing, facilitate easy and targeted intervention in the pending business transactions on the part of the users.

The advantages of smart ORDER PILOT

  • Standard product for efficient purchase order processing
  • Purchase order ledger for central monitoring of all incoming purchase orders
  • Automatic controlling of the purchase order process
  • Best practice workflow for optimum purchase order processing
  • Overview of the current status of all open purchase orders
  • Display of the relevant ordering party's status
  • Support for decisions during purchase order approval (e.g. check for creditworthiness)
  • Ergonomic user interfaces for purchase order processing
  • Display of the original purchase order as an image

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