smart ORDER

smart ORDER is our standard product for automatic processing of purchase orders.

Fast and correct processing of purchase orders forms the basis for efficient purchase order management. Our standard product smart ORDER offers universal purchase order processing without prior customizing. This makes it possible to also process purchase orders from new, previously unknown customers quickly and efficiently without explicit customizing.

All information from incoming purchase orders is captured quickly and completely. Header data, such as ordering party, order number, order date, goods recipient, invoice recipient etc. and purchase order items, including the item number, article, quantity, delivery date etc., are available to the downstream processing steps with an assured level of quality. smart ORDER facilitates customer-specific control of the items to be extracted and therefore offers the highest possible degree of flexibility, despite its universal application.

The advantages of smart ORDER

  • Universal purchase order processing "out-of-the-box"
  • Extraction of all purchase order contents, incl. tables and a wide variety of additional information
  • Automatic differentiation between ordering party, invoice recipient and goods recipient
  • Processing of multi-page documents
  • Processing of documents in foreign languages
  • Extraction of payment terms
  • Extraction of special terms and conditions
  • Customized adaptation possible, if required
  • Constantly self-learning system
  • Highly-ergonomic postprocessing in various languages

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Supplementary products to smart ORDER

Annotation Detection

Annotation Detection

Annotation Detection is our standard product for detecting handwritten additions and deletions on documents. It detects, for example, notes on the required delivery dates, new addresses or particular urgency as well as changes contained in the "unread area".

Reporter ORDER

Reporter ORDER

Reporter ORDER is our standard product for process optimization of running systems. Reporter ORDER facilitates comprehensive controlling with respect to document volumes, the document capture performance and therefore the ROI of the purchase order processing system. The information is displayed in the form of easy-to-understand and intuitive reports containing graphics.

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