smart SCAN

smart SCAN is our standard product for digitalizing the paper input channel.

Documents received in paper form are converted to an electronic format using a scanner. The digitalized paper pages are transferred to smart SCAN from the scanner whiich then provides the resulting images necessary for further electronic processing. Its comprehensive capabilities make smart SCAN ideally suited as the universal scan client for all application scenariosconcerning intelligent document processing with our solutions.

The advantages of smart SCAN

  • Universal scan client
  • Processing of any volumes of paper
  • High speed, even with large volumes of paper
  • Processing of black-and-white documents and color documents
  • Barcode processing
  • Single and double-sided scanning
  • High degree of usability
  • Efficient and ergonomic functions for scanner and display settings and saving the scanned images
  • All conventional and audit-compliant image formats can be created
  • Stack processing with document and process formation

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