Working groups

We not only develop our products for our customers but also with them. Regular user meetings, working groups and product groups provide the opportunity for intensive sharing of experiences.

Discussions with customers as well as sales and research partners ensure that we always operate in line with the current market situation, customer expectations and state-of-the-art technology. In various working and product groups, we receive valuable stimuli for improvements and innovations as well as key input for ensuring the market-compliance and quality of our range on a long-term basis.

This intensive dialog with users constantly stimulates new ideas concerning the optimization and expansion of the current portfolio of products and solutions.

Together with highly-qualified partners, we are therefore involved in top-level exchange of information – and consequently you benefit from our know-how.

Martin Kleusberg

Martin Kleusberg

Head of the smart PKV product group
Barmenia Krankenversicherung a.G

"Especially in the area of processing medical service documents it is necessary to ensure intensive communication between the customer and the manufacturer in order to adapt the product to the challenges of the constantly changing healthcare sector. The members of the smart PKV product group value the constructive cooperation with Insiders Technologies over many years. The opportunity to share experiences with other users

also provides a great deal of useful information for our own application in our company. With smart PKV, Insiders not only offers an outstanding technological solution but through the product group it also provides all users with the opportunity to incorporate their specialized and technical requirements into the solution. As each user receives the same range of functions, we all benefit from the productive cooperation."