Consultancy expertise

We provide consulting services for our customers in connection with the issues of input management and business process optimization. Established processes, excellent communication and the use of best practices ensure successful projects and a high degree of customer benefit. 

For many years, companies from all industries have put their trust in Insiders as a market leader and leading technology company involved in the production of intelligent document processing products. Our many years of proven expertise ensures that our customers receive expert consultancy services for implementing their input management solutions.

We analyze the business processes of our customers from the document entry point, through the extraction, preparation and staging of relevant document content, to integrating downstream systems. Together with our customers, we develop concepts for optimizing the document-related organizational development in the company.

We support our customers with tasks ranging from the selection of the products suitable for their specific requirements, to implementation and integration in existing system landscapes and in connection with the optimization of their internal structures and workflows. In doing so, our key focus is always combining our range with specific requirements to enable the customer to reap as much benefit as possible.