Business process optimization

Professional consultation services and outstanding products – Insiders customers optimize their document-related business processes.

Our experienced consultants take on the responsibility for our customers' document-related processes. Irrespective of whether the organization of your mailroom, the integration of your SAP system or the integration of your existing systems is concerned – we advise our customers on analyzing, structuring, designing and optimizing their value-creating, document-processing business applications.

With Insiders solutions, our customers achieve business process consistency and support for automatic business transactions. And our consultants never lose sight of the basic aims of the customers. This results in enormous efficiency advantages due to savings in terms of time and money, improvements in quality and less work for staff and company.

The involved documents or input channels, sector or business application is irrelevant – Insiders solutions combine the technological, organizational and commercial improvements that go hand-in-hand with business process optimization to provide maximum customer benefit.

Digital Mailroom

The Digital Mailroom solution processes the entire heterogeneous incoming mail in a completely digitalized way. All the relevant document information for a wide variety of business transactions is captured efficiently and made available to downstream processes, tailored to the specific needs and to the relevant media. Efficient process design that brings the customer enormous reductions in costs, time savings and service optimization is the central focus.

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The E-Mail Management solution facilitates the fast, cost-effective and customer-oriented processing of incoming e-mails in a simple, intuitive system – integrated into the relevant business processes. The software focuses on interpreting the content of the e-mail, assigning it to the relevant business context, accurately answering and filing the e-mail as well as improvement of service quality using systematic customer-orientation.

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Invoice Management

The Invoice Management solution achieves optimization and consistency of invoice processing. The entire invoice process is monitored centrally and controlled in its entirety. From invoice receipt, to recording in the invoice ledger, to checking, approval and posting, all the data is available quickly, in its entirety and with an assured level of quality – in the SAP system or any ERP system and from paper or electronic invoices (e-invoicing).

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More solutions

Our solutions optimize all document-related business processes – for processing of purchase orders (order management), forms (forms management) or medical service documents (medical invoice management). The range is completed with business intelligence and scan management solutions.

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