Specialist subjects

When you choose Insiders you put your trust in a market-leading portfolio with cutting-edge technology for input management and business process optimization. We continually update this range with market-driven and customer-oriented services on selected specialist subjects.

Complaints management

Complaints are an indication of active customer interest in your company and your products. Each complaint you receive is valuable feedback for possible improvements and can be an opportunity to improve the service quality and therefore to increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty on a long-term basis. The requirement for this is a fast, appropriate and accommodating response from your company to the complaints it receives.

We will be happy to advise you about all the requirements and solutions for a professional complaint management system. Based on our Complaint Detection product, we show you how you can identify explicit and even indirect expressions of dissatisfaction. With Insiders, you can automatically detect complaints in an extremely early process step and forward them to dedicated clerks in a prompt and targeted way. Let's tackle the issue of complaint management together.

Optimum form design

For optimal processing of your documents it is important to know the criteria and options for designing forms. Irrespective of whether barcodes, fields filled in by hand, fonts, font sizes or logos are concerned – the earlier the optimization of a template is introduced, the more effect it has on the entire processing.

We would be happy to advise you about the optimal design for your forms. Working together with you, we achieve a practice-oriented compromise between the requirements of your corporate identity, a customer-friendly document structure and the optimization of forms for automated processing. Contact us – we will show you how to optimize your form processing system.