Digital Mailroom

Today, companies are faced with the challenge of integrating heterogeneous document content from various input channels and media into their business processes more than ever before. Letters, e-mails, faxes on paper and electronic faxes have to be viewed, distributed and processed.

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Efficient business processes

With our Digital Mailroom solution, the analysis and staging of information from all documents is carried out in a way tailored to the specific needs and to the relevant media, i.e. irrespective of the input channel and the business process. A company's entire, heterogeneous incoming mail is processed in an integrated and completely digitalized way. All the relevant document information for a wide variety of business transactions is captured efficiently and made available to downstream processes.

It makes no difference whether a document involves just one or several business processes. The Digital Mailroom solution not only ensures efficient process design but also implements automated business transactions without manual intervention. In each case, our customers benefit from significant cost reductions, time savings and improvements in quality.

Service quality and customer loyalty

Our Digital Mailroom provides the framework in your company so that customer expectations increased by new media and communication channels can be met. In particular, the dialog capability of modern communication media can be used to communicate with your customers.

By responding to all your customers' queries in a way that is appropriate for the media, you will achieve a continuous level of service in your company and will ensure long-term customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. In doing so, urgent and important tasks are not only identified promptly and given processing priority; they are also taken into account during future communication.

Benefit from our
Digital Mailroom solution

  • Intelligent multi-channel management
  • Document processing independent of input channel and language
  • High level of process automation
  • Automatic business transactions ("Shadow Processing")
  • Process control driven by requirements and media
  • Comprehensive process controlling
  • Intelligent monitoring and reporting
  • High cost efficiency and time savings

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Customer opinions of Digital Mailroom

Martin Hannappel

Martin Hannappel

Team leader IT-ECMCA
AXA Konzern AG

"We have realized one of the most complex use cases of software-aided processing of the entire incoming mail using Insiders Technologies' products: The intelligent software product smart FIX processes the incoming mail from all divisions and of all input channels (paper, fax, e-mail). With the daily volume exceeding 250,000 pages, it is one of the largest cross-divisional installations in the insurance and financial services sector."


  • Processing the cross-divisional incoming mail of all input channels
  • Daily volume exceeding 250,000 pages
Stephan Barth

Stephan Barth

Project Leader EDM
R+V Versicherung

"The special feature of the system is the high level of automation for the incoming mail and its extremely high degree of reliability throughout the various versions for now more than seven years. Furthermore, we were also able to implement automatic business transactions, whereby the processes run completely without any manual intervention on the basis of the analysis results from smart FIX. We have therefore been able to increase the productivity of our clerks significantly."


  • High degree of incoming mail automation
  • Automatic business transactions
  • High degree of processing productivity

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