Forms Management

Companies in virtually all sectors are confronted with a large volume of incoming forms on a daily basis. Documents with various degrees of structure, such as applications, orders, purchase orders, questionnaires etc., are sent as forms by customers, interested parties and vendors, via mail, fax, e-mail or the internet. The companies are faced with the task of processing business process-relevant information from these heterogeneous forms and numerous different versions of forms that often look very similar.

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Optimization of the entire process

Our Forms Management solution optimizes the entire form processing procedure in your company. We support you in all phases from form design and creation, to analysis and transfer of the extracted information to the downstream business processes. During  form design, we ensure a practice-oriented balance between your corporate identity requirements, customer-friendly document structure and optimization for automatic processing.

From paper forms to e-forms

Our Forms Management solution does not depend on the input channel through which a form reaches your company. We capture the information from all incoming forms on a process-oriented and media-compliant basis – from paper forms to e-forms. As a customer you will particularly benefit from efficiency advantages if a downstream business transaction is automatically triggered and dealt with on the basis of the information extracted from the form.

Benefit from our
Forms Management solution

  • Efficient form management
  • Optimization of the entire form processing procedure
  • Automated business transactions
  • Multiple input channels – from paper forms to e-forms
  • Customer-friendly, marketing-driven and process-optimized form design
  • Recognition of handwritten changes

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