Public sector

With our proven expertise, input management works in the public administration sector. We show you how to organize your incoming mail optimally and how to modernize your services with efficient processes.

Our solutions create the basis for holistic processing of your administrative tasks, irrespective of whether you receive traditional letters on paper or faxes, e-mails or online e-forms. With intelligent capturing of all the incoming mail, we ensure that information on documents is staged in line with your needs in your specialist applications. This can involve freely-formulated mail, forms, invoices, applications, mail related to medical services within the framework of public health insurance subsidy etc.

Transaction processing procedures at your company become more efficient and quicker. Your clerks will no longer have to carry out unnecessary, time-consuming, paper-related routine activities as the required information is available in its entirety and with an assured level of quality without media transfer problems. Comprehensive transparency and the ability to provide information on all business transactions at any time make a key contribution to improving your customer service.

Your advantages

  • Efficient processes in public administration
  • Same-day processing of any document volume
  • Capturing of all input channels
  • All document types – from forms to freely-structured correspondence
  • Holistic processing without media disruption
  • Comprehensive transparency and the ability to provide information at any time
  • Improvement of customer service

A selection of our customers from the public sector

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