Intelligent E-Mail Management

Electronic communication has long taken over from the traditional methods of correspondence (paper, fax). Today, companies from all industries are confronted with an ever-increasing amount of e-mails in connection with virtually all business processes. The expectations of customers, interested parties and vendors with respect to the quality of communication and related service activities have increased enormously.

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Increased customer expectations

Today, customers expect their business partners to be available via all media and communication channels. In particular, the expectations in relation to the quality and, above all, the speed at which the recipient processes an e-mail have increased significantly over the past few years. How incoming e-mails are dealt with is a decisive factor in the quality of customer service.

In the area of e-mail communication, customers not only require customized acknowledgment of receipt and rapid response to simple issues but also professional and conclusive processing of complex business transactions as well. Professional e-mail management now provides a key advantage in the competition for market shares.

Simple, efficient and conclusive

Insiders offers its customers an intelligent solution that facilitates holistic and company-wide e-mail management. In our solution, interpreting the content of the e-mail, assigning it to the relevant business context, accurately answering the e-mail on the basis of comparable transactions and filing the e-mail in the provided archiving structures play a central role.

Intelligent E-Mail Management facilitates the fast, cost-effective and also customer-oriented processing of a company's incoming e-mails. Information from all relevant mailboxes can be integrated, processed and distributed using a simple, intuitive system with links to all relevant business processes.

Benefit from our
Intelligent E-Mail Management solution

  • Multi-perspective assignment of e-mails to business processes
  • Standardized and, if required, customized e-mail replies
  • High service quality due to customer orientation
  • Transparent monitoring and supervision of service level agreements
  • Customized processing workflows for various business scenarios
  • High cost efficiency using process optimization

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