Medical Invoice Management

Thousands of customer documents are received daily by insurance companies in the healthcare sector. Each of these medical service documents must be provided to the medical service system in electronic form. Manual data capture is very time-consuming and expensive and errors are often made. Despite the often considerable amount of manpower, even the quality of limited data captured manually suffers. In addition, consistency checks by the accounting clerks concerning contradictions and errors in the invoices are often only carried out randomly.

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More effective customer service due to efficient processes

Using our Medical Invoice Management solution means that the medical service processing workflows, from receipt of the document to preparing for a specialist check, are highly optimized and save money. Particularly, productivity in the area of data capture and quality in the area of medical services are significantly increased.

Our customers achieve cost reductions, time savings and improvements in quality. And ultimately, the insurance policy holders benefit from this in the form of effective customer service and lower premiums.

Optimized for AMNOG and barcode data pools

In close cooperation with the users, the solution is continually being enhanced in line with the market. For example, the system for prescription processing  ensures that all the prescription data extracted is electronically transferred to the "Central Office for Settlement of Drug Rebates" (ZESAR), enabling pharmaceutical rebates to be claimed.

The solution processes medical service documents containing a barcode. Due to standard connections to central data pools, encrypted invoice-related data is decrypted via an invoice ID barcode and the data is supplied to the insurance company for further processing.

Benefit from our
Medical Invoice Management solution

  • Automated processing of all mail pertaining to medical services
  • Improved customer service and long-term customer loyalty
  • Cost reductions, time savings and improved quality throughout the entire medical services area
  • Optimization of the medical services processes
  • AMNOG-compliant prescription processing
  • Standard connections to central data pools for barcode processing

Customer opinion of the processing of medical service documents

Martin Kleusberg

Martin Kleusberg

Head of the smart PKV product group
Barmenia Krankenversicherung a.G

"Especially in the area of processing medical service documents it is necessary to ensure intensive communication between the customer and the manufacturer in order to adapt the product to the challenges of the constantly changing healthcare sector. The members of the smart PKV product group value the constructive cooperation with Insiders Technologies over many years. The opportunity to share experiences with other users

also provides a great deal of useful information for our own application in our company. With smart PKV, Insiders not only offers an outstanding technological solution but through the product group it also provides all users with the opportunity to incorporate their specialized and technical requirements into the solution. As each user receives the same range of functions, we all benefit from the productive cooperation."

Wolfgang Utz

Wolfgang Utz

ERGO Direkt Versicherungen

"We trust in Insiders – thanks to the possibility of high-quality classification of incoming documents from various channels as well as the targeted extraction of the relevant content, we have created the basis for a highly-optimized automated

processing of our core business processes. The decision for smart FIX, smart PKV and smart INVOICE was a great success for us."

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