Insiders' "Talent Program" bridges the gap between theory and practice. You take turns working at the office and studying at college or the Chamber of Commerce. Putting into practice what you learn on your vocational training is an integral part of our concept. Insiders offers student traineeships and apprenticeships in the field of technology, economics, and media.

From their first day at Insiders, students and apprentices take responsibility as full-fledged members of the team. By taking part in projects, communicating with customers, and getting to know the business processes, they gain practical experience for their professional career.

1. Theoretical Basis
At university, college, or vocational school, our trainees gain the theoretical basis for their education. Insiders offers student traineeships or apprenticeships in the field of technology, economics, and media.

2. Practical Learning
By working in different departments, young talents receive their training in specific fields. They take over project and topic related tasks in the day-to-day-business operations.

3. Entrepreneurial Skills
In team trainings and projects our trainees practice presentation techniques, self-management, and entrepreneurial skills as well as interpersonal skills.

4. „Know More and Think Ahead“
We encourage the exchange on topics outside IT, such as philosophy for example, since it furthers the trainees' personal development. At Insiders, we like to think "outside the box".

Summer School: Start your Career
Students and apprentices at Insiders begin their traineeship with our "Summer School". The two-week seminar provides a smooth transition from school to business, even before the first day at work. The Summer School program reflexs the Insiders philosophy: Communication, initiative, team spirit, and a sense of responsibility are among the skills we aim to inspire in our employees.

Our focus is on project-oriented teamwork; trainees and apprentices get to broaden their skills in exciting workshops and outdoor projects, for example at a ropes course in the forest or on a geocaching tour.

Summer School teamwork in the rope course
Working out together
Our Summer School students and apprentices
Creative teamwork is also required at the Summer School

We want you at Insiders!

We will help you in finding the suitable course or the right training and offer you a variety of prospects for the start to your career.

Co-operative Education: Combining Theory and Practice
In cooperation with the DHBW Mannheim Insiders offers study courses with different emphases. In intervals of three months, you take turns studying and working. Thus, from the beginning of your training you put your theoretical knowledge into practice in a leading software company. 

KOSMO – Co-operative Study Program
In close cooperation with the University of Kaiserslautern and Zweibrücken, Insiders offers BA and MA courses for different study fields. Certain elements such as pre-study internships, on-the-job training, project papers, or final thesis are completed at Insiders. Also, students are involved in the company's day-to-day business during their term breaks.

Apprenticeship - Practical Career Start
Training and educating young people is of great importance at Insiders. We collaborate with the Chamber of Commerce and offer graduates good future job prospects by providing substantiated training in a highly innovative market environment.