Art inspires us. Contemplating pieces of art allows us to gain new stimuli and see new perspectives – and to transfer them to our own life and workplace. Art is infectious and can be a driving force for ideas. At Insiders Technologies, we enjoy art and view it as an inspiration for our everyday work.

On our premises we exhibit the works of renowned artists as well as up-and-coming young talents. We present for example the colorful paintings by Dietmar Brixy, the works of the Polish painter and installation artist Michael Grudziecki, or Katrin Heichel’s ornamental paintings.

For the insiders magazine we visited the artists Marion Eichmann and Anke Eilergerhard in their workshops. Marion Eichmann has caused a stir in the art scene with her collages; e.g. for her diploma, she covered a whole room in knitting. Anke Eilergerhard produces colorful sculptures the artist herself calls “KITCHENPLASTICS”.

Let yourself be inspired and read more in our insiders magazine:

Dietmar Brixy (magazine 2013)
Opening up new horizons, gain an insight – those are not only Insiders’ core competences. Dietmar Brixy, a painter from Mannheim, focuses on those topics from an artistic viewpoint.

Marion Eichmann (magazine 2014)
Recognizing patterns among copious amounts of information – this is not only what Insiders focuses on. The Berlin artist Marion Eichmann is also dedicated to it and expresses it in her art with precision and love for detail.

Anke Eilergerhard (magazine 2015/2016)
Looking beyond one’s own backyard and discovering new perspectives is not only how Insiders works. Anke Eilergerhard takes this literally and creates art based on household objects. The amazing results are unique silicone sculptures that range from the fantastic to the absurd.