Living in a community and experiencing the community spirit is central to life at Insiders. Group activities shape our corporate culture and open up new perspectives. Insiders Technologies stands for highly innovative information technology. Our motto “we make IT” represents our social commitment. Our staff takes part in charity sporting events, wearing sportswear from our Insiders Company Collection.

Experiencing the Community and Taking on Responsibility

We want to do good and not only talk about it. “we make IT” combines all the team activities at Insiders. The focus is on “we”: our employees live and promote our “we make IT”-program. The company is more than the number of its employees that are connected on a professional level. “we make IT” endorses issues that outreach the day-to-day work routine and define Insiders as a community of values. By exercising as a team we aim to collect as many donations for charities as possible.

Offering Various Activities

Balancing our working life with sporting activities is an integral part of Insiders’ leisure time activities: be it running, mountainbiking, bouldering, headis, waterskiing, or gaming nights, there is something for everyone. The team activities are organized by Insiders and suitable for any level of fitness. Across departments, our staff takes part and can also bring their family.

We make IT - achieving common goals
The Insiders running group ready for take-off
Supporting charity with heart and hand at Insiders

Doing Sports and Doing Good

By being active together, Insiders staff members can have fun and collect money for charity at the same time. That is what our program “we make IT” is all about. Insiders staff generates donations by taking part in team activities such as sports or company events. A specific number of credits is assigned to every team event, which will be registered for each staff member that has participated. Those credits will then be converted into donations. On the intranet, the current status of credits can be checked via the “credit ticker” and staff members can decide which organization they want to support with their credits. Together our staff aims at generating as many credits, i.e. donations, as possible.