Success brings obligations. Give and take must always be balanced. We believe that seeing Insiders as a part of our society and our environment is a key element of our view of ourselves as a company.

Therefore we take on responsibility – far beyond our immediate horizon. We contribute to public welfare by donating our expertise and time, as well as supporting them financially. We want to give something back to the community in which we live and offer perspectives.

Insiders takes social aid seriously. As a high-tech company we want to take on socio-political responsibility, and not only in our "own backyard".

Insiders Technologies supports charities that are of immediate concern to the company. For example because they take place right here in our community, like the charity run “Lautrer Lebenslauf” (Kaiserslautern Course of Life) which benefits the local initiative „Mama/Papa hat Krebs“ (Mom/Dad has cancer). The project is specifically targeted at children and young adults, whose lives have been upset by a cancer diagnosis for one of their parents. Likewise, we support schools and kindergartens in and around Kaiserslautern by providing them with the equipment required for modern media education.

Insiders staff members take part in the charity run in aid of "Mama/Papa hat Krebs".

Too many people have to deal with blows of fate or suffer poverty and injustice. Seeing that it is the youngest who suffer the most, Insiders supports two organizations that focus on children’s welfare both worldwide and on our doorstep.

With the children’s charity Plan International, Insiders has taken on sponsorship for children in developing nations and threshold countries. Plan is an international charity organization, campaigning for children’s rights in 46 countries. Insiders currently sponsors a girl in West Africa and a boy in southeast China.

The children from China and Bamenda sponsored by Insiders.

Another charity supporting children’s rights is SOS Children’s Village . They look after children and youths in need by giving them a new, secure home. The donations of Insiders’ staff go to where aid is needed most. 

Giving people a future is the aim of the charity Senegalhilfe (help for Senegal), too. For over 30 years, the charity has been doing development work in the west African country, one of the poorest in the world. Since then, more than 140 projects have been completed upon the charity’s initiative. Insiders supports the Senegalhilfe with donations and expertise. Werner Weiss is a member of the charity’s managing board.