At this point in time, the finance industry is undergoing changes due to the digital transformation. Put your trust in us where banking-specific expertise in connection with your input management systems is concerned. With our expertise as a long-standing partner of leading banks and financial service providers, we understand and optimize your processes. Our innovative products ensure that all the customer communication channels are used to the full – personally, fast, and mobile.

In the banking industry in particular, having access to all information from incoming documents at all times is a key advantage when competing for customers. With an input management system that meets the particular requirements and is suitable for the communication channels, we create the basis for the efficient organization of business processes – and therefore for cost reductions, an improvement in quality and service optimization.

With our solutions, our customers achieve automated business transactions up to complete background processing throughout the entire company and across all business areas. The efficiency of processing in areas such as loans, house purchase savings/mortgage lending, financial security and accounts services increases. Any information in connection with managing accounts is available immediately, e.g. changes of address or name, from exemption orders or capital gains authorizations, applications, cancelations, complaints, returned mail as well as from all forms and freely-written correspondence. And even made easier today – with intelligent self services.

Make use of all modern communication channels to address your customers – in the way they expect it from you today. If you plan to optimize your customer service for the digital transformation then we are the ideal business partner.