Werner Weiss is decorated with the 2017 “Westpfalz-Award“. The “Westpfälzer Zukunftspreis” annually honors a person that promoted the region’s future sustainability in a particularly excellent way. This year, Werner Weiss is awarded the “Zukunftspreis” of the Western Palatinate, because of Insiders’ outstanding entrepreneurial success and innovative strength. The award was handed over by laudatory speaker Klaus Heinlein, guide of small and medium-sized enterprises in Kaiserslautern as well as district in the cause of a solemn prize ceremony.

“Insiders Technologies’ extremely successful journey from being a spin-off of the German Research Center for Artificial intelligence towards an internationally renowned enterprise is particularly carried by the entrepreneurial personality and unique dedication of Werner Weiss”, Klaus Heinlein mentioned within his laudatory speech. Insiders’ long-standing and sustainable contribution to the innovative strength and competitiveness of the Western Palatinate could not be over-estimated. “For almost 20 years, Insiders Technologies has been offering its customers technologically- and market-leading innovations for modern, forward-looking customer communication. Meanwhile, more than 1500 companies worldwide from all kinds of industries count on the intelligent software solutions from Kaiserslautern”, Klaus Heinlein said about the successful journey of insiders Technologies.

During his acceptance speech, Werner Weiss particularly highlighted the corporate-wide innovative climate: “At Insiders, we breathe innovation. We view it as an integrated exercise every colleague contributes to on a daily basis. This represents the key to our sustainable, long-lasting success as a technological leader. Thus, my particular thanks go to the Insiders team whose dedication has been the primary reason we are honored today.” The prize money of 1,000 Euros was donated to the “Senegalhilfe-Verein e.V.” in Trippstadt as well as the SOS Children’s Village of the Palatinate located at Eisenberg. On top of that, Werner Weiss doubled the amount to 2,000 Euros. “Social commitment has always been an important concern for us. Success brings along a particular obligation which is why we want to assume responsibility beyond our very own horizon. I am glad that I can support these great projects in their endeavors”, Werner Weiss happily added.

Dr. Gerhard Braun, Chairman of the "ZRW-Kuratoriums", presents the award to Werner Weiss.
Werner Weiss speaks in his acceptance speech about the company-wide innovation climate.
Mayor of Kaiserslautern, Dr. Klaus Weichel, emphasized the special role of Werner Weiss as ambassador of the region.
Werner Weiss donated the prize money to the "Senegalhilfe-Verein e. V. and the "SOS Children's Village Palatinate.
More than 270 members provide broad support in the region.

About the association “ZukunftsRegion Westpfalz e. V.”

The association “Zukunftsregion Westpfalz e. V.” considers itself a platform for pooling local forces in order to implement joint projects. It aims to strengthen future sustainability as well as positive development of the Western Palatinate region. A broad support within the region is achieved by more than 270 members of economy, science, politics and the civil community. In addition, the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate as well as external partners, like the metropolitan area of Rhine-Neckar, assists the association’s work.

Annually, the “Westpfälzer Zukunftspreis” honors a person that promoted the region’s future sustainability in a particularly excellent way, e. g. by fostering innovative strength or the competitiveness of the regional economy. Furthermore, the initiation and organization of projects with social, cultural, urban or environmental benefits, conducting activities to improve the Western Palatinate’s image or fostering regional youth are important factors the association considers in their decision.