Mutual goal of the partnership is to realize AI-based innovative, company-wide end-to-end solutions for digital transformation for customers in all industries.

IT consulting and system integration company msg and Insiders Technologies GmbH will be working together in the fields of omni-channel and customer communication management as part of a strategic partnership. With intelligent software products based on artificial intelligence and using their respective access to markets and their core competences, the two partners will create valuable synergies that will allow them to assist customers with digital transformation even more effectively.

Rapidly advancing digitalization has resulted in an increased market demand for intelligent assistance systems that can be used to make entire end-to-end processes more efficient. Together, msg and Insiders Technologies will be offering AI-based software products that significantly enhance digital efficiency: These solutions enable automated processing of all inbound documents from all of a company’s communication channels in the backend systems (omni-channel management), while also ensuring individual and fast customer communication, e.g., with mobile solutions and chatbots, in the front end (customer communication management). To that end, Insiders Technologies provides innovative and market-tested standard products, making them msg’s preferred strategic partner.

“msg and Insiders Technologies have been working together on intelligent solutions for many years,” explains Hans Zehetmaier, msg CEO. “A strategic partner is simply the logical next step. This is the result of market demand and the extremely productive collaboration we have enjoyed in the past.” Their long-term market experience and close ties to research make Insiders Technologies a trailblazer in the field of digitalization. Artificial intelligence experts, developers and product managers work in interdisciplinary teams analyzing how technical innovations can be turned into innovative solutions for companies and how they communicate with their customers. “The strategic partnership with msg is a win-win situation for both sides,” says Werner Weiss, Managing Director of Insiders Technologies GmbH. “With their strong industry expertise, msg is able to contribute know-how to this cooperation in the fields of strategic consulting and IT solutions for nine different industries.”

As a well-connected player in the insurance industry, Insiders Technologies will be joining SAP and IBM as partners of inscom 2018. The well-known international conference for insurers, which msg hosts every other year, took place in Munich on September 24 and 25, 2018. The motto of the ninth edition of the event was “Beyond Insurance – How to survive in a Digital World?”.

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