Under the motto "Let's talk about IT" Insiders realized an online IT Talk on August 26, 2020 on the topic "Sustainable Software Development with Clean Code".

In a YouTube live stream, the Insiders team presented methods that significantly increase the comprehensibility of the code for both the internal and external view. Thus, thoughts and decisions remain comprehensible even after years. Employees of Insiders with many years of experience got to the bottom of the question whether sustainable software development is actually feasible and sensible in practice. Parallel to the live talk, the questions and comments of the participants were proactively integrated. The lively exchange and joint interaction was thus also guaranteed at this completely digital event.

Those who were unable to attend the IT Talk had the opportunity to watch the live stream here.


The Insiders Team welcomes the participants of the IT Talk
The digital YouTube live stream is recorded

The IT Talk is a place for networking and communication in the IT sector, offering Insiders developers and IT-interested parties from the Kaiserslautern region and beyond a platform to inform and exchange information about the latest trends and innovations. Thus, the IT Talk makes an important contribution to the promotion of information and knowledge exchange around current IT topics.

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