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Self-learning, powerful and flexible: This is how OVATION works, the artificial intelligence in all of Insiders’ products. With OVATION, you are ideally positioned for the challenges of digital transformation. OVATION analyzes all information from all your documents and via all channels in order to make them available for your digital business processes.

How OVATION promotes your business


How OVATION automates HR processes with chatbots

With our smart BOT you can automate your HR processes based on the latest AI technologies. Relieve your personnel department and delight your employees.

How Does OVATION Work?

OVATION easily handles huge amounts of data, reads and understands its content, processes inquiries, or interacts with end users - just the way you prefer. In short: OVATION is the automation of intelligent behavior and available for mobile applications as well as the cloud.

Intelligent Document Processing

OVATION reads and understands any document, ranging from simple forms to invoices to complex customer messages. OVATION automatically recognizes the relevant business process and extracts all required information. Even urgent communication and customer complaints are recognized. State-of-the-art methodology of machine learning, such as Deep Learning, ensures that OVATION processes everything correctly and completely, just as you would expect it from your business processes.

Mobile Computer Vision

OVATION turns the camera of mobile devices into an intelligent eye and recognizes various documents safely as well as effortlessly. Intelligent user guidance ensures optimal capture. OVATION records all information semantically and processes it for self-services and business processes – on request, even in interaction with the user. The special highlight: OVATION can identify and classify objects – to ensure entirely new business processes.

Conversational Intelligence

OVATION understands customer requests and provides individual answers, fully automated, using cognitive computing. In dialog with the customer, OVATION carries out simple business processes, such as changing addresses and answering questions. And all this is done quickly and around the clock using intelligent chatbots. If the business process is too complex, OVATION automatically forwards the request to the responsible human administrator.

Business Process Optimization

OVATION effortlessly handles huge quantities of documents using the latest data science technologies. OVATION analyzes all your company’s documents in real-time, intelligently recognizes interrelations, and appropriately compiles the documents from one business process. Predictive Analytics allow forecasting future developments. This is how the optimal management of business processes works today – with OVATION.

Cloud-based Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence can be deployed easily using Insiders' cloud solutions. OVATION is available with just one click and in a high-performance environment. In addition, it is completely accessible from the cloud. All functions can be used remotely as services in the high-performance and highly secure data center. Furthermore, it matches all customer requirements, ranging from individually configured services to full service.

OVATION can be used for applications on mobile devices, regardless of computational intensity. OVATION enables convenient scalable deployment within a company without requiring extensive modifications to the entire IT landscape or a supercomputer in the basement.


Insiders Labs

In the different "Insiders Labs", new solutions for our portfolio are developed in a creative process and based on the most up-to-date scientific standards.

Insiders fosters MindGarage

Insiders is a sponsor of MindGarage at TU Kaiserslautern. MindGarage is a research lab on deep learning, currently the most regarded research direction in the field of Artificial Intelligence. It is lead by Prof. Marcus Liwicki, one of the world's leading scientists in the realms of document analysis and deep learning.

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