You would like to offer your employees quick help with all questions and processes in human resources? At best 24/7? Then our smart BOT is the right product for you. Use the latest artificial intelligence technologies to automate your HR processes.

Holiday bookings, changes of address, requesting work certificates etc. Today, employees expect a quick response to their requests – preferably with a chat. Our smart BOT is an intelligent HR assistant that automatically handles all standardised processes for you. In this way you relieve the burden on your HR department and inspire your employees.

The chatbot is trained with all regularly asked questions, which it answers immediately and without complications. In the chat, it offers assistance with queries or corrections. For example, the employee receives his personal overview before a holiday application and can make spontaneous corrections if necessary. And if the employee doesn't understand a question, the chatbot immediately provides a detailed explanation.

The chatbot can be reached by your employees at any time – and, above all, always exactly where they need it: in the intranet or portal, directly in your employee app or via the company chat. It guides your employees intelligently through the entire process. In the case of complicated individual inquiries, it naturally hands over to a human consultant. Your employees always receive the right answer.

With statistics on usage, they can train the chatbot in a targeted manner and further optimize it. As a result, your experts are relieved of many daily routine tasks. And your service team can help your employees in exactly those matters where individual advice is required.

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