You intend to provide your employees with a mobile information and communication tool that comfortably offers a variety of internal services independently from your current location? Additionally, it should not simply use traditional web-portals? Then you ought to check out our mobile services using OVATION.

Today, many companies handle internal business processes, e g. travel and holiday administration, general information for employees and internal exchange of knowledge, using an intranet portal. Such a portal can easily be used at office workplaces, whereas employees in field sales and manufacturing might perceive it as challenging. 

The innovative OVATION employee app allows you to provide employees with all necessary services independently from their current location and in a comfortable manner. Make use of all functions mobile devices can offer, e. g. cameras and GPS, and design internal processes more efficiently within an app than via traditional web portals.

Mobile Provisioning of Documents

Whether it is travel expenses documents, certificates of incapacity for work or other related documents, smart CAPTURE allows your employees to comfortably capture documents - location-independently and quality assured. In order to automatically process incoming documents, you can make subsequent use of our market-leading products for input management. Hence, all relevant information is immediately available for follow-up processes in an appropriate way.

Personalized Employee Information

You intend to continuously inform your employees about in-house news? Then you can use our standard product, smart INFO. It does not matter whether you want to publish general news about the company or individual information for certain employees. Every employee is informed about incoming messages via push-notifications to his mobile end device. Of course, all information is encrypted before submission.

Intelligent Self-Services

Do you want your employees to be able to handle standard processes efficiently themselves? With smart SERVICES, a large number of processes, such as changes of address or bank details, can be automated very easily. In addition, your employees are supported to the maximum by OVATION's innovative Real-Time-OCR when entering the required data. For example, an IBAN can be read from the EC card in seconds with the help of the camera of the mobile device - your employees are spared the tiresome typing.

Internal Corporate Communication

Since messengers are deeply entrenched within private environments, more companies tend to apply messenger applications to internal corporate communication. Smart CHAT allows you to offer employees an efficient, safe and, most importantly, flexible medium of communication. On request, the complete necessary infrastructure self-evidently remains under your control.

Individual Functions for Mobile Working

In addition to the above-mentioned functionalities that can easily be realised using our standard products, company-specific functions can be effortlessly integrated into your employee app – exactly the way you need it, e. g. by adding modules for time registration or individualizing access to internal IT-systems. In any case, you will receive your very own app tailored towards your employees.

The OVATION employee app offers a mobile tool for information, communication and services that goes way beyond the functionality of a simple mobile website. Of course, everything will contain the individual look-and-feel of your corporate design – in order to ensure fast acceptance on behalf of your employees. This way, future's internal communication with your employees is enabled today: modular, fast and efficient – using OVATION and Insiders' mobile solutions.