You intend to communicate with your customers via their preferred channels? You intend to automate standard processes and relieve your customer service employees? Then make use of smart FLOW – our Response Management product with business chat and automate your processes using the smart BOT.

Customers' communication behavior has changed. Today, billions of people use Instant Messaging as their preferred channel of private communication. Offer your customers a comfortable business messaging service using smart FLOW in order to communicate the way your customers expect you to.

OVATION: Customer Communication Using smart FLOW

OVATION offers you the ideal technology for intelligent response management: smart FLOW understands your customers' messages textually and responds to their inquiries in an automated fashion. You can flexibly decide whether the answer is supposed to be automated or submitted to an administrator for further control. With a single click, the employee can then release the answer or complement it easily and fast using personalized templates. Every manually reviewed or adapted answer allows OVATION to learn automatically, using modern methods of machine-learning. Hence, OVATION can answer your customers' requests with increasing certainty and precision.

OVATION: Automatization of Processes

With OVATION you can easily automate processes. Train OVATION based on your business transactions. After training, expert data are automatically extracted from customer messages. Missing information will automatically be requested from the customers. As soon as OVATION has collected all required expert data, it will refresh customer data within your expert system and confirm corresponding changes to the customers. 

Integrate the smart BOT into your contact center. As flexible and individual as today's customers expect it from you – on your website, your customer portal, at Whats-App for business or within your customer app.

OVATION for a 360° Perspective on Your Customers

OVATION allows you to obtain a 360° perspective on your customers: Make use of smart FLOW on all channels – whether it be chat, e-mail, social media or classic mail. On request, answers can take place via the same or any other channel – automated or manually. A change of channels within a transaction no longer poses a barrier, but an opportunity for increased customer experience. This is how contemporary customer communication works in order to ensure excellent customer service and sustainable customer loyalty.

Software-as-a-Service – OVATION for your Contact Center

Combine the advantages of Artificial Intelligence and chatbots with the opportunities of digital change. Make use of the smart BOT as you require it – via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or via classic on-premise installation. Benefit from a much faster solution of customer concerns via e-mail. The asynchronous communication via your agents ensures a much more efficient processing than via the telephone hotline.