Do you still process your incoming invoice in a traditional manner? Using an in-house on-premise solution? However, you would like to profit from the benefits of standardized cloud-services? Then use smart INVOICE CLOUD for your invoice processing.

High-performance, efficient and high-quality processing of all incoming invoice, optimal processes within the whole accounting system, drastically reduced processing times of incoming invoice, enormous cost and time reductions as well as noticable quality improvements and comprehensive transparence during the whole accounting process.

Within the last years, primarily larger companies with corresponding amounts of invoice benefitted from all these advantages of automated invoice processing. High investments in expensive "on-premise-solutions", enormous costs for the required IT and running costs to maintain the system, rendered in-house invoice accounting highly unattractive – especially for companies with low volumes of invoice.

OVATION: Invoice Processing during Digital Transformation – smart INVOICE CLOUD

Nonetheless, today all companies – even small and medium sized ones – are able to easily benefit from the advantages of automated invoice processing – using OVATION within the smart INVOICE CLOUD! With Insiders' standardized service for your invoice, you can automatically extract all relevant information from incoming invoice. Subsequently, you can handle them within your accounting process – easy, efficient and on the same day!

Flexible and Up-To-Date – Without Installation

Flexibly use our services via a web-capable application – at any time from anywhere. Thus, you can save costs and time and are able to focus on your core business. Moreover, you are always using current and innovative software. Smart INVOICE CLOUD can be implemented into your systems within shortest periods of time and be used directly. This is enabled by modern standards and easy interfaces. Professional administration, user administration and postprocessing happen via modern web-applications – completely comfortable. This is done by OVATION!

Transparent Costs

You only pay what you use – according to your actual usage or a previously determined quota. Exact accounting of pages enables highest flexibility and maximum transparence. You render yourself independent from short-term peak loads or IT-bottlenecks while still reducing your operating costs. By the way you also profit from enormously reduced project terms and costs. In any case you can save complex investments in IT-infrastructure, projecting or maintenance.

Highest Data Security

Of course, security is our top priority. Your data are processed in a ISO/IEC 27001-certified data center in Germany: safe and completely encrypted – from the input till the output of all documents. End-to-end-encryption excludes that information from your invoice processing fall into the wrong hands. You will always maintain control about your data.

Software-as-a-Service – smart INVOICE CLOUD for Your Invoice

Combine the advantages of automated invoice processing with the opportunities of digital transformation! Use OVATION for your invoice, exactly the way you need to - as software-as-a-service (saas). Profit from all advantages of smart INVOICE CLOUD – Insiders' intelligent service for modern invoice processing including all advantages of Artificial Intelligence – with OVATION!