You intend to automate routine processes within your company? You would like your employees to focus on the important processes? You do not own sufficient IT-resources for realization? Then make use of OVATION's intelligence and automate your processes – without any previous programming skills –via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or classical on-premise installation.

For many years companies have tried to automate standard processes. However, the endeavors are often hindered by lack of IT-resources or missing interfaces to expert systems. Within the recent focus on "robotics" and "Robotic Process Automation" (RPA), process automatization is experiencing a resurge in importance. So-called "robots" offer intelligent software solutions operating expert system surfaces and entering required data just like regular employees. 

OVATION: Driver of Your "Robot"

The "robot" requires structured data. Where do these data emerge from? How do you generate structured data from customer messages? The AI-technology bundled within the Insiders products based on OVATION, enable these processes – whether the message is a letter, an e-mail or a chat message. OVATION offers the "fuel" for your "robot".

Intuitive Configuration – without Programming Knowledge

You can accurately and easily define which data your processes need via graphical user interfaces in Insiders solutions subject areas – without any dependence on IT-support. From all incoming messages – letters, e-mails, faxes, or messages – OVATION filters those the "robot" can process and extracts relevant process data from the messages. These data are fed to the "robot" or a service interface and the process can be conducted automatically. Using modern machine-learning processes, the recognition of relevant messages and expert data are continuously improved.  

Instant Business Process Automation as a Service

Make use of digital transformation and start the automatization of your processes today. Within the smart CLOUD we offer you standard processes as "Instant Business Process Automation“. Select your processes from our "Instant BP" portfolio and choose expert data relevant to you. Our "Instant BP" portfolio covers numerous standard processes: verification of invoice, account statements, payroll accounting, Identification documents, certificates of incapacity to work, vehicle registration documents or a complete solution for your travel expenses. 

OVATION AutoExtractor

Your process is not included, yet? Then make use of the OVATION AutoExtractor. Specify your process and corresponding data – done! The rest is determined during usage. At first, OVATION AutoExtractor will present you the documents in order for you to enter data. With every entry, OVATION AutoExtractor will automatically learn and continuously automate processes.