You intend to constantly monitor your customers' sentiments in an automated manner via all relevant communication channels? Or would you like to recognize complaints as early as possible and react swiftly and adequately in order to increase customer loyalty and create cross-selling-potentials in the process? Then you should support your administrators during customer communication – using OVATION Sentiment Analysis as well as smart FLOW for professional response management.


Today, excellent customer service is a key driver of competitive advantage within many industries. An important aspect in this regard is the early recognition of individual as well as general customer sentiments and the corresponding response. A swift and adequate reaction to complaints increases customer loyalty significantly and additionally creates cross-selling potentials in the process. On another note, complaints or a generally decreasing customer satisfaction can be used as a valuable indicator of internal quality issues.


OVATION: Capturing customer sentiments automatically

With OVATION Sentiment Analysis we offer you a product to check customer sentiments across all channels and completely automated. Modern natural language processing technologies combined with linguistic procedures ensure you will not miss any future complaints at all. Additionally, you are able to capture general trends within customer sentiments early and objectively.

OVATION: Reacting to complaints professionally and efficiently

Combined with our omni-channel response management system, smart FLOW, OVATION supports you in treating customer complaints. Your administrator will even be hinted towards indirectly-communicated customer complaints. Corresponding parts within the customers' communication are highlighted in order to validate the discovered sentiments. Smart FLOW will then proceed to ensure adequate and professional response possibilities independently from the single administrator. This way contemporary, professional response management works in order to enable excellent customer service.

OVATION: Recognizing trends in sentiments and using them for optimization

By continuously monitoring aggregate customer communication of all channels and statistical analysis of observed sentiments, trends can be recognized swiftly via OVATION sentiment analysis. Thus, fast reaction to potential quality issues is assured and larger impacts on the image can be avoided. Of course, positive changes in sentiments can be recognized and subsequently used for targeted marketing campaigns as well in order to make efficient use of opportunities.