Travel expenses are a major cost factor within your company? Capturing and accounting of travel expenses documents is a cost- and time-intensive process for you? Then you should use OVATION for mobile capture and automated processing.

In the course of ongoing internationalization and increasing mobility, travel expenses become a major cost factor for many companies. For the travelling employees as well as the company itself, accounting for business trips often ends up in a time- and cost-intensive process. As a consequence, travel expenses documents like hotel bills, cab or fuel receipts, hospitality costs etc. from multi-day travels will often be gathered and submitted as a whole after the end of the business trip. 

Especially the accounting of travel expenses offers an enormous cost-reduction potential for many companies that is oftentimes overlooked, since it is perceived as unsuceptible to influence. With the Artificial Intelligence OVATION Insiders offers you the ideal combination of capture and processing of travel expense documents: using smart CAPTURE and smart INVOICE you can optimize your whole process. 

OVATION: Capturing Travel Expense Documents – Easily Done Using smart CAPTURE

With Insiders' mobile solution smart CAPTURE travelling employees are now able to capture and forward their travel expense documents to the responsible department – mobile and while still travelling. For employees the advantages are fairly obvious: They can capture their receipts fast and uncomplicated, but in particular time- and location-independent using their smartphone or tablet and hand them in electronically. The company on the other hand, has all receipts digitally at hand and can immediately start the accounting process as unnecessary and especially time-intensive efforts for sorting, matching, and capturing are avoided.

The intelligent iOS or Android solution makes location-independent capturing of receipts easier than ever – using the mobile end devices' camera. Detailed advice guides the user during the recording process. If necessary, the flash is switched on automatically. As soon as the recording criteria allow a high-quality scan, smart CAPTURE automatically triggers the camera and captures the travel expense document. Potential distorion caused by the perspective or backgrounds are deleted, the scan's quality is automatically checked and, if necessary, opimized. Thus, a high-quality document picture is generated as one is accustomed to from stationary scanners.

OVATION: Processing Travel Expense Documents – Using smart INVOICE

After transmission, the receipts are processed automatically with smart INVOICE. The intelligent, tried and tested invoice reader extracts all necessary information from the variety of received documents and document types. Thus, within a short amount of time, the company disposes of all filed receipts for further processing.

Combining smart CAPTURE and smart INVOICE the automated processing of travel expense documentation is initiated while the process is still at its beginning. It does not matter whether the data are handed to an accounting or a travel management system or whether they refer to a travel request or a booking. Additionally, further metadata can already be forwarded during the transmission process with smart CAPTURE. To achieve this, the employee simply needs to select the corresponding travel. 

Independent from organization and administration of travel management within the company all data are available exactly as needed for accounting –and self-evidently according to legal tax requirements. In any case, the whole process of accounting for travel expenses is massively accelerated. OVATION takes care of that! Not only does the company profit from enormous cost reductions, but also strongly improved efficiency and transparence of the whole process. This is how travel expense accounting works today– mobile and fast, easy and comfortable – with Insiders' products smart CAPTURE and smart INVOICE.