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Smart Cockpit

Smart COCKPIT is our standard product for company-wide control across all systems and operation of all business processes related to incoming mail.
The first dashboard of the smart COCKPIT shows an excerpt of the most important key figures at the current time.
Current worklist: This dashboard displays the current worklists in operations and documents by different dimensions.
Speed: This dashboard correlates the current personnel capacity with the number of operations processed.
Historical Inventory: This dashboard allows you to analyze the historical development of stocks over long periods of time.
Inventory history: This dashboard analyzes the continuous progress of inventories or inbound and outbound transactions during the course of the day.
Forecast: This dashboard predicts the teams' worklists for today.
SLA now: This dashboard shows violations of service level agreements in the processing of urgent documents.
SLA historical: Here, SLA violations can be viewed retroactively.

With smart COCKPIT you can keep arranged SLAs reliably and comfortably. 

Benefits from using smart COCKPIT

  • Your whole digital mailroom - at a glance
  • Continuous control of all processes and system components ("online reporting")
  • Implementation of measures across all systems and departmens via a central user interface
  • Ex ante recognition of problems and bottlenecks within the process
  • Comparing predicted effects of actions
  • Individual KPIs, tailored to processes and business process targets
  • Role-based controlling and reporting for process monitoring
  • Specific for all levels of management
  • Central interface for manual input and adjustments

Any questions left?


How does smart COCKPIT support us within our operative process controlling? How is easy and fast correction of running processes assured?


smart COCKPIT constantly offers you current and predicted values for all company- and process-related KPIs. Thus, your employees responsible for processes and HR can directly intervene in systems and running processes via a central, control station-oriented user interface. This is enabled via knowledge-based simulations, allowing you to immediately discover and react to lack of resources, residues, or exceptions.


How detailed are the data provided by smart COCKPIT?


Exactly the way you need them: smart COCKPIT allows you presentation of aggregate management analyses (e. g. via traffic light logic) as well as identification of causes related to load behavior. Thus, you can define and seize suited measures in order to prematurely avoid possible bottlenecks or residues as well as actively control loads and priorities.

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