smart BOT

smart BOT is our standard product for the intelligent automation of all requests via chat channels. Offer your customers excellent service and help on your website, via WhatsApp or teams – around the clock. Our AI understands your customer and leads him to the result with an intelligent dialogue. This way, your customers' concerns are dealt with quickly and reliably and your service team is relieved of routine tasks.
In addition to powerful AI algorithms from the field of Natural Language Processing, smart BOT also includes a convenient user interface. Here you can train the chatbot very easily and without any programming knowledge for new business transactions and dialogue processes.
The user interface is completely web-based and can be operated very easily in a browser without installation, even in distributed working environments. With a comfortable test mode the effects of training updates and configuration changes are directly visible.
Using usage statistics and suitable visualizations of the recognition results, smart BOT can be optimized in a very targeted manner and continuously trained during operation.

Through the intelligent automation of standard processes in chat, your customer service is relieved by up to 80%.

Your Advantages of smart BOT

  • Quick and easy modeling of all processes and responses 
  • Flexible connection to your core systems for automatic posting of transactions
  • AI, which even differentiates reliably between several hundred questions
  • AI, which learns specifically from past dialogues


  • Intelligent dialogue engine that helps even in problematic situations
  • Easy to combine with other Insiders products
  • Simultaneous use of the smart BOT on several channels


Use Cases

Learn more about the use cases of smart BOT in your company – for example in human resources or customer service.


Customer Service

How OVATION optimizes your customer service with chatbots


Intelligent Chatbot for Human Resources

With our smart BOT you can automate your HR processes based on the latest AI technologies. Relieve your personnel department and delight your employees.

Our web seminar for smart BOT

Participate in our web seminar on smart BOT

Get to know our standard product for the intelligent automation of all requests via chat channels: time-saving and very comfortable – at your desk –in a web session. We will show you how you can use the latest technologies of Artificial Intelligence to automate your business processes and relieve your experts.

Do you know our mobile solutions?

Our apps for modern communication with your customers: convenient and simple, mobile and at any time - matching your individual requirements.

Any questions left?


How can the smart BOT work together with our service experts?


The smart BOT automatically detects whether it can answer a customer question. If this is not the case, it passes the dialogue to your customer service team, which can process this request with our product smart FLOW. Here the smart BOT can also inform the customer e.g. about the expected response time, so that your customers are always informed and feel optimally cared for.

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