smart FLOW

smart FLOW is our standard product for innovative omni channel response management. Communicate effortlessly and in real time with your customers – via email, Facebook, WhatsApp, or other social media channels. Intelligent response suggestions maximize your performance. With smart FLOW, you offer your customers a service that will exceed expectations.
In the inbox you can view, search and control all messages and transactions. You can filter and sort the view by teams, categories, editing states, etc. For each message, you have the option of assigning it to a subject, editing it yourself, adjusting the priority, and much more.
smart FLOW automatically suggests the matching answer. The individual fields for the customer's inquiry are inserted after the text analysis on a case-specific basis.
With smart FLOW you can control your different communication channels from one interface. Input channel-specific requirements, e. g. to be able to answer chat messages directly, are available in smart FLOW.
In the Coordinator, you can view and technically monitor all messages and processes that are currently in the system.
Templates are prepared in the TemplateManager to answer incoming messages efficiently and standardized. Templates are built up step-by-step by text modules and can be created in different variations for e. g. different input channels. Placeholders for customer-specific detailed information can be filled in by administrators.

With smart FLOW's intelligent response suggestions, you can respond to customer inquiries at least twice as fast.

Your Advantages of smart FLOW

  • Configurable service levels for optimal response times
  • Individually adjustable workflows
  • Context-sensitive addition of information such as profile data from social media
  • Intelligent routing to the optimal administrator
  • Easy to combine with other Insiders products
  • Direct access to frequently used text modules and multimedia content
  • Cross-channel customer history and flexible search
  • Intelligent customer and transaction assignment of incoming messages
  • Full integration of social media channels into your standard processes

Our web seminar for smart FLOW

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Get to know our standard product for your general incoming mail in a convenient way, join our web sessions by connecting directly from your desk. We will show you how easy response management is today - with all the benefits for your daily work.

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Any questions left?


We already communicate with our customers via e-mail and social media. What is the advantage of using smart FLOW for us?


With smart FLOW, you can not only communicate, but also get an intelligent communication platform across all channels in one interface. Your templates only need to be created once, your team is well utilized and your response times meet customer expectations on all channels.


How well can I integrate smart FLOW with existing systems?


Thanks to the individually adaptable workflow engine from smart FLOW, all third-party systems that offer external interfaces can be connected quickly and easily. In this way, you can efficiently connect analysis or archive systems.


Does smart FLOW optimize the cost-effectiveness of customer service or service quality for the end customer?


In fact, smart FLOW achieves both: the cost-effectiveness of customer service is significantly improved by intelligent message analysis and editorially prepared response suggestions and automatic responses. Customers benefit from a faster and more reliable response.

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