Digital Mailroom

Company-wide automated processing of all documents, from the integration of all input channels to central monitoring and control of all processes in your digital mailroom.

Advantages for your Business

Consistent and Optimized Business Processes

Process all incoming documents in one system without having to pre-sort using message stores or manual distribution. Benefit from demand- and media-driven as well as case closing and automated processes in your digital mailroom.

High Cost Efficiency and Time Saving

Take advantage of significant cost reductions, time savings and quality improvements when processing your general incoming mail. Regardless of whether it is about small or large volumes of documents.

Automated Processing of Complaints

With Insiders products you can also recognize complaints in your incoming mail. You can react fast, automated and individually to both explicit and subliminal expressions of dissatisfaction.

International Use due to language independence

Regardless of your location, whether in Germany, Europe or worldwide, whether central or decentral, with the language independence of Insiders products you are optimally positioned for both national and international application scenarios.

smart FIX is our intelligent standard product for automated processing of all general and unstructured incoming mail - irrespective of input channel, format and structure.

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