smart FIX

smart FIX is our intelligent standard product for automated processing of all general and unstructured incoming mail – irrespective of input channel, format, and structure.
In the field view, the postprocessing work station provides a clear visual link between the received document and the extracted information and makes it possible for the Verifier user to rate the suggestions for the extracted information quickly and efficiently. The user is supported by various checks during processing. A free full text search is available in configurable search fields to efficiently retrieve data from connected systems and then transfer it to the database.
The structure view provides the user with a clear interface for the editing of document and process creation. Due to configurable keyboard shortcuts, document pages can be efficiently merged or separated and assigned to another process. A search function also offers the possibility of reclassifying a document type.
The task overview provides a configurable overview of all documents available for postprocessing by a user. First selectable information is available to process the documents summarized in image stacks according to their priority.
smart FIX includes a central control station for process tracking and performance monitoring with the Coordinator component. The user interface offers authorized users comprehensive functionalities and enables, for example, monitoring or runtime monitoring of all components and documents in the system. In addition, the user can intervene in the processes to change processing priorities, for example.

With smart FIX, more than 3 million document pages from diverse input channels are processed every day.

Your Advantages of smart FIX

  • Knowledge-based classification and information extraction with technological and market-leading methods
  • Processing of heterogeneous documents without pre-sorting via message stores or manual distribution
  • Extraction of all business process-relevant information
  • Intelligent document and process formation
  • Multiple classification of documents
  • Provision of all information for the following business processes according to requirements: complete, quality-assured and efficient
  • Ideal for processing large volumes of documents
  • Subsystem capability for processing all documents in one system
  • High data quality due to comprehensive plausibility checks
  • Highly ergonomic post-processing in different languages
  • Self-learning and self-optimizing system
  • Personalization of user interfaces and functionalities
  • Automated identification of explicit and subliminal expressions of dissatisfaction and complaints

Our web seminar for smart FIX

Participate in our web seminar on smart FIX

Get to know our standard product for your general incoming post in a convenient way, join our web sessions by connecting directly from your desk. We will show you how easy it is to process the entire incoming mail today - with all the benefits for your daily work.

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Any questions left?


Can we also process documents with negative contents, i. e. complaints, in the incoming mail? 


With our OVATION Resonance Management you can identify and react to all kinds of complaints in all incoming documents. Hidden or indirect expressions of dissatisfaction are recognized as well as explicit complaints.


For us, monitoring and controlling document processing is of particular importance. How can you support us here?


Our standard product Reporter Pro ensures process optimization while the system is running. The product enables you to perform comprehensive controlling in terms of document volume or document entry performance and thus the ROI of document processing. All information is presented in clear, intuitive, graphical reports.


Does the product smart FIX include image pre-processing to optimize document processing?


Yes, if necessary, smart FIX offers extensive image pre-processing of scanned documents, such as rotation-tolerant pre-print and line removal, noise reduction, rotation angle or upside-down correction, etc. - just as the document requires.


For us, high data quality is extremely important for subsequent business processes. How do you make sure of that?


All extracted information and the associated documents are then made available in full, tailored to your needs and quality-assured for further processing in the downstream business process – just as you expect.

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