smart INVOICE PILOT SAP is our standard product for checking, approving, monitoring and controlling all incoming invoices in SAP, including invoice ledger and configured best practice invoice approval workflow.
In the INVOICE Validator, business-relevant contents can be checked and edited in SAP before the document is parked. In addition to the header data, users can also see all information at item level, as well as the invoice image and a comment history.
The Invoice ledger provides an overview of all invoices in the SAP system and the relevant information such as company code, creditor (vendor), invoice category, SAP document type, invoice amount, payment and cash discount periods, current workflow users and a discount stoplight. Due to the provided information, invoices can be processed according to their urgency and importance.
The customizable and extensible best practice invoice approval workflow supports any kind of complex release strategies and invoice verification with automatic approver determination. Approvers can be called upon to approve and clarify the entire invoice or individual invoice line items.
The invoices can be evaluated statistically and in terms of content using smart INVOICE PILOT SAP: Key figures, such as throughput and processing times, blocking reasons and invoice amounts can be reported down to company code, creditor and process step level and also be exported to the SAP Business Warehouse for further analysis and graphical formatting.
The INVOICE Inspector is used for the factual release of invoices with and without order reference. The approver has direct access to relevant information and an image for invoicing and is actively supported by the functionality in the release process. An authorized user can also navigate directly to the purchase order and goods receipt transactions in SAP. For G/L account items, the user can view or change the account association.

Standardized, SAP-certified, and integrated, smart INVOICE PILOT SAP is fully integrated into your SAP Business Workflow.

Your Advantages of smart INVOICE PILOT SAP

  • Standard product for efficient invoice processing in SAP
  • Adaptable and enhanceable as well as automated and multilevel, best practice workflow for invoice approval
  • Central control and monitoring of all incoming invoices (paper, PDF and EDI) in SAP
  • Invoice ledger for central monitoring of all the invoices in the system
  • Support for decisions during invoice approval
  • Possibility of parallel invoice approvals
  • Comprehensive business intelligence options due to automatic transfer of the invoice data to the SAP Business Warehouse
  • Web-based access for workflow participants
  • A product for FI and MM
  • Optional web client and connection of mobile devices
  • High user acceptance due to intuitive interfaces
  • Audit-compliant archiving in SAP
  • Display of the original invoice as an image


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Any questions left?


Are we tied to a fixed installation in the invoice workflow or are mobile deployment scenarios possible?


Our standard product Invoice Web Inspector for SAP offers you a browser-based interface to the smart INVOICE PILOT SAP for invoice approvers. Approvers can use it to release invoices from any location without installing an SAP client - for example, with a mobile device. And all this with convenient live access to the data in SAP.


A complete overview of all invoices is particularly important to us. For example, how can we ensure that we adhere to discount periods and do not exceed payment deadlines?


Our invoice ledger offers you a comprehensive transparency: You can find every invoice there and - if necessary - intervene in the workflow. The smart INVOICE PILOT SAP offers you a complete tabular overview in the standard system and an efficient search option for all receivables in the SAP system. This ensures that it is always clear which invoices are subject to cash discount losses or expiring payment deadlines so that intervention can be made within good time.


Is the status and history of invoice processing transparent and traceable?


The processing status and history of each individual invoice can be displayed in detail. It is immediately clear in which step of the process the invoice is located and which employees are involved in the approval process.

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