smart INVOICE / smart INVOICE for SAP® ERP Solutions

smart INVOICE and smart INVOICE for SAP® ERP Solutions are our standard products for the automated processing of all incoming invoices in your SAP® or ERP system. No system adjustments or previous training are required, even for unsorted, arbitrarily mixed invoices and credit notes.
smart INVOICE and smart INVOICE for SAP® ERP Solutions make it possible to read invoice recipient and creditor data reliably. By using specific information extraction mechanisms (TopDown search), data that does not completely match the master data can also be assigned.
The extracted invoice amounts (e.g. net, gross, VAT) are checked automatically with the aid of mathematical checks.
Extraction of item data and matching against purchase order data ensures that incorrect quantity information of invoices is identified at an early stage.
The extraction of the invoice information required in accordance with section 14 of the German Value Added Tax Act, such as invoice date, invoice number and tax ID/VAT ID of the creditor, facilitates automatic compliance checking.

With smart INVOICE and smart INVOICE for SAP® ERP Solutions, more than 500 million invoices are processed annually.

Your Advantages of smart INVOICE / smart INVOICE for SAP® ERP Solutions

  • Universal invoice reader – no creditor-specific maintenance required
  • Processing of all incoming invoices: from traditional paper invoices to e-invoicing
  • Automatic recording of all invoice contents (header and footer data) including tables and additional information
  • Processing all invoices and credit notes
  • Automatic recognition of payment terms
  • Processing of partial and collective invoices
  • Processing of invoices with or without order correlation or goods receipt
  • Processing of remittance, order confirmations and delivery notes
  • Processing of ZUGFeRD invoices
  • Processing of international invoices
  • Postprocessing in various languages
  • Comprehensive checks concerning compliance requirements (throughout the entire EU)
  • Independent system optimization
  • Audit-compliant archiving

Our web seminar for smart INVOICE / smart INVOICE for SAP® ERP Solutions

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Any questions left?


It is particularly important to us that incoming invoices are checked for conformity with current legal requirements. Is this possible with your software?


Yes, the integrated conformity check with compliance requirements ensures that the invoice information is complete from a legal point of view as per section 14 of the German Value Added Tax Act (UStG). Other statutory requirements, such as audit-compliant archiving, are of course supported.


How can I monitor and optimize the processes in my invoice processing?


Reporter INVOICE, our standard product for process optimization in running systems, facilitates comprehensive controlling with respect to document volumes, the document capture performance and therefore the ROI of the incoming invoice processing system. The information is displayed graphically by easy-to-understand and intuitive reports.


Does the input channel via which an invoice is received have a special significance for processing?


For our products, it does not matter whether the invoice is received conventionally on paper or via electronic channels (e-invoicing). Nor do the various types of e-invoicing make up any difference, from an invoice that is received by e-mail to invoices in ZUGFeRD format or a PDF file to electronic data interchange (EDI). Our solution covers the entire spectrum of electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP).


Can other documents be processed, e. g. remittance or delivery notes? What does your solution offer here?


For the processing of further documents or document types, we offer pre-configured subsystems ensuring the relevant information is fully entered. For example, the supplier, delivery note number and date, order number and item data are recorded for delivery notes. Delivery note data is automatically compared with purchase order and material master data. A wide variety of remittance advices can also be processed without any further configuration. All data is collected completely.

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