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Smart Beihilfe

Smart BEIHILFE is our standard product for the automated processing of medical service invoices for subsidies - all relevant data for processing subsidies are automatically extracted from the corresponding documents.
smart BEIHILFE enables the reliable reading of treated and treating persons. By using specific information extraction mechanisms (top-down search) it is also possible to include information in the processing that is not noted on the document, such as the insurance number of the treated person.
In the processing of medical diagnoses, the international standard system for the classification of diseases, known as ICD-10, is also used.
The individual items of the medical service are extracted using GOÄ tables.
smart BEIHILFE classifies the documents of the service mail into more than 65 tried-and-tested classes and extracts all relevant information.

A multitude of public health insurance subsidy offices profits from the highly efficient processing of medical service invoices.

Your Advantages of smart BEIHILFE

  • Processing the complete non-structured mail related to medical services within public health insurance subsidies
  • Automated classification and extraction
  • Classification into more than 65 tried-and-tested classes
  • Automated building of processes and documents including a test for consistency
  • Extraction of all relevant data (including medical services table)  required for charging and billing subsidies
  • Extensive business logic for subsidies
  • Extensive tests with matching data (GOÄ, GOZ, ICD-10 etc.) as well as identification of false accounting
  • Open interfaces for further external tests (XML)
  • Enhanced checking options to uncover fraud
  • Automated ICD-10-encryption
  • Standard interface to central data pools for processing of barcode-data

Any questions left?


Which information does your standard product extract from the medical service documents?


Even the standard version of smart BEIHILFE extracts all data necessary in order to account for subsidies from the incoming documents, e. g. treated person, treating doctor, invoice date, date of treatment, reference, or provision, invoice amount (including reduction), currency, GOÄ/GOZ-tables, medication (including PZN), diagnosis, etc.


Do you offer an interface for IBM Insurance Service Hub (ISH)?


Yes. Our product datapool-connector allows assigning contents of medical reimbursement settlements from the IBM ISH. To achieve this, printed datapool-barcodes are captured and the corresponding invoice information are requested online from the ISH. The information delivered from the ISH are available as secured invoice information and serve as a basis for further automated processing by smart BEIHILFE. 


To us, being able to control and operate our processes within the reimbursement settlement are of particular importance. How can you support us in the best possible way?


Our standard product Reporter Pro serves as a tool for process optimization within the running process. The product allows for extensive controlling with regard to the amount of documents or the performance of invoice capturing and hence the ROI of document processing. The representation of said information takes place via lucid and intuitive graphical reports.

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